Win Win Lottery Result Today 3 PM – First Prize 75 Lakhs

The Kerala State Lottery Result for the Win Win Lottery is announced today at 3:00 PM, and you can view the live results on Lottery Sambad. The results are also published on our website.

WIN WIN W775 Kerala Lottery Result 24-06-2024

Draw CodeW775
Draw NameWIN WIN
First Prize₹7500000
Result date2024-06-24
Result StatusPublished

1st Lucky Prize For Rs: ₹7,500,000/-

WR 600639

Cons Prize Rs: ₹8000/-

WN 600639WO 600639WP 600639WS 600639
WT 600639WU 600639WV 600639WW 600639
WX 600639WY 600639WZ 600639

2nd Prize For Rs: ₹500,000/-

WZ 720487

3rd Prize For Rs: ₹100,000/-

WN 255739WO 833241WP 639074WR 918933
WS 563458WT 194218WU 501822WV 206602
WW 170951WX 593451WY 452864WZ 501851

4th Prize Rs: ₹5000/- ( 18 times )

1396 5962 2942 1692 1355 4160 8095 7919 1385 6361 0707 8399 0973 4611 1485 9027 2675 4615

5th Prize Rs: ₹2000/ ( 10 times )

0317 2189 3024 4751 5089 5808 6588 6652 6861 7910

6th Prize For Rs : ₹1000/- ( 14 times )

0868 0874 1232 2515 2829 3483 4387 5542 6184 6196 6709 7013 8068 9369

7th Prize For Rs : ₹500/- ( 82 times )

0109 0328 0382 0519 0706 0749 0853 0898 0994 1167 1292 1293 1357 1375 1380 1408 1585 1745 1795 1999 2135 2333 2357 2721 2748 2756 2836 2839 2882 2932 3198 3208 3261 3281 3321 3592 3593 3844 3885 3897 4022 4115 4129 4275 4694 4982 5009 5138 5378 5415 5554 5599 5625 6289 6479 6774 7021 7043 7191 7251 7390 7434 7888 8070 8412 8584 8639 8747 8827 8870 8877 8968 9026 9029 9052 9135 9232 9245 9268 9311 9799 9896

8th Prize For Rs : ₹100/- ( 126 times )

0097 0121 0149 0268 0368 0595 0618 0667 0734 0807 0839 0891 0926 0948 0995 1065 1233 1261 1263 1310 1673 1689 1816 2069 2095 2099 2343 2393 2619 2657 2724 2728 2887 2889 2916 2927 2937 3038 3048 3109 3166 3185 3295 3324 3356 3415 3469 3554 3728 3767 3837 3854 3932 3943 4002 4112 4178 4183 4269 4299 4345 4470 4517 4589 4727 4742 5000 5040 5135 5257 5351 5468 5557 5606 5610 5675 5699 5752 5863 5889 6124 6178 6241 6353 6378 6636 6669 6739 6880 6892 6970 7025 7056 7283 7360 7362 7464 7554 7707 7810 7835 7940 8148 8162 8180 8344 8392 8426 8574 8637 8662 9049 9111 9162 9267 9396 9438 9467 9525 9541 9562 9567 9707 9781 9804 9939

Win Win Lottery Result Today 3 PM
Win Win Lottery Result Today 3 PM
Win Win Lottery Result Today 3 PM

old Result – Win Win Lottery Results

Lottery/DrawNoDraw DateView
WIN WIN(W-775)24/06/2024View
WIN WIN(W-774)17/06/2024View
WIN WIN(W-773)10/06/2024View
WIN WIN(W-772)03/06/2024View
WIN WIN(W-771)27/05/2024View
WIN WIN(W-770)20/05/2024View

Kerala Lottery Result Prize Structure

RankDetailsPrize (in ₹)
1stWinning Number from 1 Series7500000/-
Cons PrizeIt has the same Winning Number as 1st Rank, but a Different Series8000/-
2ndWinning Number from 1 Series500000/-
3rd1 Prize per Series100000/-
4th18X Ticket Ending with Last 4 Digits5000/-
5th10X Ticket Ending with Last 4 Digits2000/-
6th12X Ticket Ending with Last 4 Digits1000/-
7th78X Ticket Ending with Last 4 Digits500/-
8th120X Ticket Ending with Last 4 Digits100/-

Win Win is one of Kerala’s oldest and most popular lotteries, known for its simplicity. Tickets are available for ₹40 each, with drawings conducted every Monday. Each ticket features a combination of two letters and six digits, starting with a ‘W’ and then one of the series letters A-M, alternating with N-Z in every other draw.

To play, you must be at least 18 years old. The jackpot prize for Win Win is ₹75 lakhs, awarded if your ticket number matches the randomly picked number. There are eight prize categories, including a ₹8,000 consolation prize for 11 players whose tickets match the winning number but have a different series. The table above provides a summary of all the Win Win Lottery prizes.

How to claim the prize?

You have thirty days from the draw date to claim your Win Win Lottery prize. The claiming procedure varies by prize amount, but you should always complete the backside of your ticket and keep your receipt. You must visit the Directorate of State Lotteries for first or second prizes. For prizes of ₹1,000,000 or below, you can contact either the Directorate or a District Lottery Office. Lottery agents can only pay out winnings up to ₹5,000. Living outside Kerala, you must visit the Directorate to claim any prize.

How To Check Win Win Lottery Results From Official Website

  • Visit the official website of the Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries by searching for
  • Select your preferred language, either Malayalam or English.
  • Scroll down slightly on the website and click on the “Lottery Result” option.
  • A page will open displaying the names and dates of various lottery draws. Select today’s Win Win Lottery results and click on the “Result View” option.
  • The Kerala Win, Win Lottery result, will be displayed on the screen and can be easily downloaded or printed.

Tips for Winners

Safety Tips for Handling Winning Tickets

Sign Your Ticket Immediately:

As soon as you realize you’ve won, sign the back of your ticket. This helps establish ownership and prevents someone else from claiming your prize if the ticket is lost or stolen.

Store in a Safe Place:

Keep your winning ticket in a secure and dry place, such as a safe or a locked drawer, until you can claim your prize. Avoid carrying it around unnecessarily.

Make Copies:

Photocopy or take pictures of both the front and back of your ticket. This is a backup in case the original is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Avoid Publicizing Your Win:

Until you’ve claimed your prize, try to keep your win confidential to avoid potential scams or unwanted attention.

Importance of Keeping Receipts and Filling Out Ticket Information

Proof of Purchase:

Always keep the receipt you receive when you purchase your lottery ticket. This acts as proof of purchase and can be helpful in case of disputes.

Fill Out Ticket Information:

Complete any required information on the back of your ticket, such as your name, address, and signature. This further secures your claim to the prize.

Track Your Claim:

Keeping receipts and properly filling out your ticket information helps you track your claim process and ensures you have all the necessary documentation when submitting your prize claim.

Consulting with Financial Advisors

Tax Planning:

Winning a large lottery prize can have significant tax implications. A financial advisor can help you understand these and plan accordingly to minimize your tax burden.

Investment Advice:

A financial advisor can guide you on how to invest your winnings wisely to secure your financial future. They can help you create a diversified investment portfolio that aligns with your goals.

Debt Management:

If you have existing debts, a financial advisor can advise on the best ways to pay these off using your winnings, potentially saving you money on interest payments.

Long-term Planning:

Beyond immediate financial decisions, a financial advisor can help you with long-term financial planning, including retirement planning, estate planning, and setting up trusts or funds for future generations.

Tax Information

In India, lottery winnings are subject to a flat tax rate of 30% as per the Income Tax Act. This means that any prize amount won from the lottery is taxed at this rate, irrespective of the winner’s income tax bracket. Additionally, a surcharge and cess can further increase the effective tax rate slightly.

Process of Tax Deduction and Net Amount Received

Deduction at Source:

  • The tax on lottery winnings is deducted from the source (TDS). This means that the lottery organization deducts the tax amount before the prize money is disbursed to the winner.
  • For example, if you win ₹75 lakhs, a 30% tax (plus applicable surcharge and cess) will be deducted by the lottery authorities before you receive the prize.

Calculation of Net Amount:

  • Let’s break down the calculation with an example prize of ₹75 lakhs:
      • Tax at 30%: ₹75,00,000 * 0.30 = ₹22,50,000
      • Surcharge and Cess: Additional amounts based on current rates (e.g., cess at 4%)
      • Total Tax Deducted: ₹22,50,000 + surcharge + cess
      • Net Amount Received: ₹75,00,000 – Total Tax Deducted

Final Disbursement:

  • After the tax is deducted, the remaining amount is disbursed to the winner.
  • In the example above, if the total tax deducted is around ₹23,40,000 (including surcharge and cess), the net amount received would be ₹51,60,000.

Documentation and Filing:

  • The lottery organization provides a TDS certificate to the winner, detailing the amount of tax deducted.
  • Winners must include this information when filing their annual income tax return to ensure that all tax liabilities are accurately reported.

Frequently asked questions

Where can you check today’s Kerala lottery result, W775?

Today’s Kerala lottery result can be checked on the official website,

When will the Kerala lottery result available?

Today’s lottery results will be available from 3 PM.

When does the Kerala lottery live-streaming start?

Today’s live streaming starts at 2:55 PM.

What is today’s first prize for W775?

Today’s first prize is ₹7,500,000 for the Win Win Lottery Result, announced at 3 PM.

How can I claim my Win Win Lottery prize?

Depending on the prize, you can claim your Win Win Lottery prize by visiting the Directorate of State Lotteries or a District Lottery Office.

How long do I have to claim my Kerala lottery prize?

You have thirty days from the draw date to claim your prize.

Where can I find previous Kerala lottery results?

Previous Kerala lottery results can be found on the official website,, under the “Results” section.

What documents are required to claim a Kerala lottery prize?

To claim a Kerala lottery prize, you must present your winning ticket, a government-issued ID, and the claim form.

Can I claim a Kerala lottery prize if I am outside Kerala?

Yes, but you must present yourself at the Directorate of State Lotteries to claim any prize if you reside outside Kerala.

How much tax will be deducted from my Kerala lottery winnings?

Tax on lottery winnings in Kerala is deducted at a flat rate of 30% for amounts above ₹10,000.


Today’s Win Win Lottery Result, announced at 3 PM, offers an exciting first prize of ₹75 lakhs. Participants can check their results on the official website,, or watch the live stream starting at 2:55 PM. Winners have thirty days to claim their prizes by following the specified procedures. Congratulations to all the winners, and best of luck to everyone for future draws!

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